Give Your Website A Gift

For every impression, we deliver a fully engaged viewer that closely watches your video, answers a mini survey, and then clicks through to visit your website!

Each viewer is a live person.  A unique visitor to boost your viral video rating, and provide invaluable market feedback on your products and services.  All this activity will drive your website’s Alexa rating through persistent, organic traffic.
Each campaign run boosts your brand, your video ratings, your website traffic ratings, and delivers feedback that otherwise would cost thousands of dollars, even for a small sampling group.

Finding extreme value in a blended traffic model, we provide a semi-incentivized / semi-referral based audience that is motivated via a rewards point system and leveraged through social referrals. Our viewers earn reward points after completing each advertisement review. During each review, the viewer will carefully watch your video, then specifically answer a detailed question about your ad, or provide feedback about your products and services. You construct the questions, so you receive the vital feedback that you need to boost sales, meet your customer’s needs, and explode your business.